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Whether it's Rapid Validation of your idea, Rapid Prototyping your product, or Rapid Launching your Amazon FBA brands, I'm planning on helping 1000 entrepreneurs get started and grow their business this year.

Nathan Shearer
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Overwhelmed by technology? Too many options?
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With 50+ sites of our own, we love to help entrepreneurs like you with out of the box online sites for your idea

  • Landing Pages

    Squeeze pages, optin forms, landing pages, launch pages, we have 1000’s of beautiful, customised templates that are optimized to convert! Build your email list and launch to actual sales.

  • Sales & Marketing Pages

    Selling a book, hosting a webinar, launching a product? We can create interactive sales and marketing funnels complete with detailed tracking so you know where your customers are coming from and how to increase your sales

  • Secure Membership Portals

    Have ebooks, videos, or lessons to educate or inspire your audience? Looking for somewhere amazing to nurture your tribe? We can build you an online portal right inside your new or existing website that your customers will love.

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Using Popular Online Technologies

Connecting to your existing systems or bootstrapping from scratch, we only use the best


Do strategic plans, marketing, social media sound like foreign words to you?

We can build you a plan or execute it for you to get your message out to your customers.
Within budget - big or small.

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Your Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to patent my idea?

I get asked this question almost every Rapid Startup meetup event we have and I always have the same answer, I'm not a lawyer - and patenting your idea doesn't stop people from copying you - it just gives you the right (within appropriate local laws) to sue someone if you think they have.


Should I hide my idea or tell people about it?

Closely related to the above question, I always say - Talk about your idea - cos guaranteed 10 people are already working on it.

You need to execute to differentiate yourself AND if you aren't asking your potential customers if what you are building solves their problem, how will you know they will buy it when you're done?

Can you make money online?

Yes. I would love to finish the answer there but I doubt that fully justifies your question. Here are a couple of stats:

  • There are 3B people online right now - over the next 3 years, that will double!
  • Ecommerce accounts for only 15% (!!) of industry sales - see point above
  • Amazon (the worlds largest online store) has 300M credit cards on file
  • and - Prime Members (free shipping) spend on average $1500+ a year


What working in Online Business right now?

Sales Funnels. There is an unprecedented land-grab on right now online as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple all vie for the ultimate channel in retail - Attention.

Regardless of who wins out in the traffic and attention battle, a sales webpage will be an essential part of any sales funnel.

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